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23 August 2013 @ 10:16 pm
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31 July 2009 @ 11:25 pm
Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?

As long as I completely ignore the last chapter (you know, the 19 years later thing) I would say Deathly Hallows. That being said, I must admit, too many good characters died in it =/ like, what. Five in one book. And that's just the deaths I remember. (Moody, Dobby, Tonks, Lupin, Fred....)

That or Half-Blood Prince. I had a tiny fear for the direction of the series after Order of the Phoenix, honestly. OotP kinda failed, imo.

But, even if those two were the most satisfying read, my favorite would be Prisoner of Azkaban. No real reason, I just always adored it.

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21 July 2009 @ 11:32 pm
❝which 'dere' are you ?❞
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11 July 2009 @ 12:15 pm
All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?
Ahh... not the winter that just passed but the last winter. Huge snow storm, knocked out the power at my place for.... oh, what was it. Two or three days. Maybe it was two and  a half. It was over 42 hours for sure. We have electric heat, and with the weather below minus temperatures? I'm surprised I didn't freeze to death. My dad was gone working then, so it was just my mom, my sister and myself~ we ended up sleeping in my mom's bed >w> It was coooooold. I was glad when we finally got power back.
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03 July 2009 @ 01:40 pm
The Dog Days of summer, the hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, start today. What's your favorite thing to do in hot weather?
Soak it all in x3 write outside, swim, so on so forth. Enjoy it now before the god awful cold comes back. If there was one thing I'd be happy to be rid of forever, it would be winter and cold weather....

Sadly the "hot weather" here in Newfoundland isn't all that hot.

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01 July 2009 @ 04:32 pm
It's blockbuster season in movie theaters. What was the last movie you saw?
In theaters? Batman Dark Knight. And I wasn't so thrilled over it. Good, but not "OMG" for me like it was for everyone else.

Actually, If you get back to me in about 6 hours or so, it'll be Transformers Revenge of the Fallen ;3 I'm getting ready to go see it now.

In general? Uhm..... hmm, what movie did I see last in general? I forget. Actually, I THINK it was Dark Knight. Cause my grandma was watching it last week and I sat down and watched about an hour of it xD And I haven't watched anything since. I rented the new Friday the 13th movie, but never got around to watching it before I had to return it.

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08 June 2009 @ 12:41 am


....Unless their name starts with "J" and ends with "ed". Because, in Kuri's words:


.rhiaaa <3.   ;;       so close i can't see what's going on. says:
*lmfao. epic group.
*group rules: anyone whose name begins with 'J' and ends up 'ed' will be denied membership, because we know you don't care about found boots, you heartless asshole.

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17 April 2009 @ 11:26 am
Who has it easier—men or women? Why or why not?

This is the stupidest ass question ever. Why? Because men are going to say women, and women are going to say men. FAIL. Specific gender, IMO, don't have it any easier then the other.  It depends on the individual and what they make out of their situations.

Anyways, I had a headache all yesterday, probably from lack of sleep, but it's all better now =w=~ wewt.

And and and.

Bragging: Don't you wish you had an awesome girlfriend like mine~? Oh yeah,bb~


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19 March 2009 @ 12:21 am
Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?

Who doesn't?

In real life I'm a lot more quiet. As in, I don't contribute much to conversations nor am I willing to start them. It's easier for me to pull up an im and talk to someone than to start a conversatiion on a phone or face to face. People scare me, lol.

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04 March 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
Don't have a cellphone to text with, and I don't have the attention span to talk on the phone. Unless I'm talking to a person face to face, I always get distracted/loose my attention when I'm on the phone.

So, neither.

Of course, as soon as I get my cellphone hooked up, I'll probably be texting.

On a side note, I REALLY need to stop loosing my ipod D: I can't find it again.

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